1410-1424 Post Road, Fairfield CT 06824

Fairfield Community Theater

Evan Kleban
Kleban Properties
203 955 1978
1410-1424 Post Road,
Fairfield CT 06824

Property located in the heart of downtown Fairfield centered around the iconic and recently renovated Community Theater.

The Property
Spaces Available: 2
Within 3 Miles

Average Household Income:

Fairfield Community Theater Demographic Summary
1-Mile radius 3-Mile radius 5-Mile radius
Population Estimate
Average Household Income
Average Home Value
Bachelors Degree or Greater
Fairfield Community Theater Tenant Information
Space Tenant Square Footage
1 Old Post Tavern 4,279
2 Sacred Heart University 12,405
3 Cafe Monaco 1,150
4 Vacant 1,020
5 Vacant
6 Montelli 225
7 Post Road Residential
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