Propery Management Division

The following is a brief overview of services that we would like to offer you as a property management company.

The brief description below would include a Property Manager (“PM”) common area maintenance (“CAM”) charges, RFP’s, COI tracking, and supervision of vendors & subcontractors performing onsite work contracted for CAM at your property location.

Accounting Executive to manage all bookkeeping of all aspects of A/P, A/R and reporting.

Facility Manager (“FM”) would complete minor handyman tasks broken up throughout the month based on items that require attention in the building (hours will be billed at a market rate).

The FM is responsible for becoming familiar with the properties, maintaining a set of keys, and serving on an as-needed basis for maintenance calls.

The FM will perform light maintenance tasks. FM will make visits to the property to patrol for clean up trash, provide vendors with property access, and check conditions of common areas, utility/ mechanical rooms, etc and note any deficiencies.

These visits would include inspections of common areas, parking lots, stairways, elevators, walkways, sidewalks, exterior walls, roofs and other structures, windows, window frames, doors, doorframes, utilities, HVAC, furniture, fixtures and equipment, tripping hazards, safety and cleanliness of hallways and bathrooms. Any deficiencies or issues would be reported to the PM and followed up with a work order or repaired or resolved at time of discovery.

The FM will report to the PM as appointed from time to time by the principals and managers of Kleban Properties, LLC. (“Kleban Properties”).

The FM is responsible for accounting for all time spent on projects and is required to maintain a log (time sheet) of daily activities performed, including the time spent on each activity, to be filed along with the Work Order Log in the Property Management office.

The FM is not to undertake any construction or renovation of the Premises (including tenant space).

The FM shall in no event disturb the quiet enjoyment of the tenants and shall communicate to the PM, in writing, all requests and complaints received from any tenant within one (1) business day of receipt by incorporating any such requests or complaints in the Work Order Log or log of daily activities.

Common Area Maintenance management includes:

  • Landscaping – Managing outside contractors
  • Snow plowing – Managing outside contractors
  • Light Maintenance Tasks – changing light bulbs, unclogging drains, etc.
  • Cleaning Service – Common area, bathrooms, hallways
  • Carpet cleaning – Managing outside contractors
  • Window cleaning – Managing outside contractors
  • Fire Sprinkler inspections – Managing outside contractors
  • Fire Alarm (annual testing) – Managing outside contractors
  • HVAC common area contract review and management
  • Roof Inspections/Repairs – Managing outside contractors
  • Elevator Inspections – Managing outside contractors
  • Fire Pump Inspections – Managing outside contractors
  • Emergency Lights (tested quarterly) – Managing outside contractors
  • Back Flow Testing – Managing outside contractors

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